Seven deadly sins. Human vices God is said to hate,

Each of these actions doom Christians to their fate.

If hell is hot and full of sulphur,

What fate do these Christians suffer?

The blood of the Lamb doesn’t wash away these sins;

These vices are humanity and will be until the end.


Most humans have pride in the place they were born;

But my dad’s version of pride is something that I mourn.

“Heritage, not hate,” reads the sticker on his window;

The Confederate flag on the other side – a different innuendo.

Proud to be a rebel, not caring what that means;

No concern for history, just his Southern genes.

Proud to be a redneck, who lives off the land;

Men who break their backs for Capitalism, always in demand.

Proud to work for a pittance all his life;

Died at 55, disability benefits denied.

Proud to work for a country who used him up and wrung him out;

Towards the end he knew it, which only made him more devout.

Proud of everything with blinders on while living in Alabama,

Just another relic of Southern Americana.